SAP Leonardo Virtual Event

Go beyond the hype of new technologies, and discover how they actually work, explained in a way you and your business can understand.

19th February 2019 at 11:00 (South Africa) - Online Session

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Everything you always wanted to know about Blockchain, AI, IOT, and other intelligent technologies.

The relentless pace of today’s advances can seem daunting for many, but for you as a technology enthusiast its exciting!

We want to make sure you stay up to speed and invite you to join us for our global virtual show SAP Leonardo Now Online. In just under 70 minutes we present how the latest intelligent technologies can help you engage in business and/or society.



11:00 on19th February 2019

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It’s virtual, you can join from the device of your preference.



In this show, we’ll be covering a wide range of technologies, some of which are relatively new and some that are coming of age and developing quickly: Blockchain, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Big Data and Analytics, and Conversational AI.


Martin Wezowski

Chief Designer & Futurist

Interested in how we will spend the rest of our lives in the future: What is human & what is work in a super human future?

Tom Raftery

Future & Innovation Evangelist

Global IOT influencer, Keynote speaker, Co-founder @CloudCIX and Host

Roxanne Arnts

Solution Advisor Machine Learning & Conversational AI

Advisor to enterprises that want to innovate with, and optimize their use of AI.

Timo Elliot

Innovation Evangelist

Passionate about digital business, innovation, machine learning and analytics.

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